The Real Reason Why Your Caller ID Doesn’t Work

So you downloaded a Caller ID app and numbers aren’t being identified like you hoped they would? Yeah, been there, done that.  Believe it or not, Caller ID technology is a whole lot more complicated than it seems. It’s not just a simple system that scans through phone books, and that’s because of the way in which we save the numbers of our contacts. Just think about it, or better yet – have a quick look through your contacts. 

A businesswoman speaking on the phone
Many Caller ID apps aren’t accurate.

It won’t take very long to see that you likely haven’t saved the majority of your numbers as the actual full name of the contact, right? Your parents are likely saved as mom and dad, your friends likely are saved under their nicknames, those you work with likely are labeled based on their title, and even those that aren’t so close to you are likely saved in a shortened, abbreviated way.  With all things being said, having an accurate Caller ID database isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do, since your mom clearly isn’t everyone else’s mom too.  

A person in a demin shirt holding a smartphone
CallApp offers advanced Caller ID technology

And for these very reasons, your Caller ID apps aren’t working to provide you with accurate information about who’s calling you. Unless, of course, you’re using CallApp, which offers advanced Caller ID technology that uses advanced machine learning technology to be able to tell the difference between nicknames and real names based on a system of hierarchy to prevent these inaccuracies.