Time Is Money: Here’s How You’re Spending It

While we all without a doubt have different views on life – one thing we can all surely agree on is the fact that time is the most precious thing we have.  And since your time is so incredibly precious – have you ever wondered how much of it you spend on your phone? Maybe even who calls you the most, or who you call the most? How long your calls are, and maybe even how many of your calls you actually manage to answer? 

A woman holding her phone looking down at it
Know how you’re spending your time

You’ve surely been curious to have a deeper look into your communication habits and know more about where you’re spending your precious time. And that’s where CallApp’s new analytics and insights feature comes in to help you do just that…and maybe even a little more too.

Our all new AI feature can not only tell you how much time you spend on your phone, providing you with invaluable insights about how you really spend that precious time, but can even tell you how you’re spending it. You got that right, your personal analytics breaks down your incoming vs. outgoing calls for you. 

And if you really want to know exactly how you spend that time of yours to the last detail? Your analytics can even tell you who you call the most frequently, and who calls you the most frequently. But then again, not all calls are created equal, which is why we’ve also got you covered when it comes to knowing who your longest calls are with. 

A person holding a smartphone with their CallApp analytics
Your analytics provide a detailed breakdown of your calling behaviors

But when it comes to time – it’s not only about how much of it you spend, it’s also about how much time you don’t spend, or in other words, save.  Have you ever wondered how many calls you miss a day? Or how many of your calls go unanswered? Your personal analytics will also cover that for you, and even show you how much time CallApp saves you by blocking unwanted numbers and spam calls. 

So how are you spending your precious time?